Units Brasil invests in innovation and technology for the leather industry


Sustainable processes and products need to be in every company's routine. With this point of view, Units Brasil of the Cromogenia Group invests in innovative technology that improves the leather sector while respecting the best practices. It is not a coincidence that the company sponsors (for the second consecutive year) the CSCB Sustainability Forum, which will take place on December 8 and 9 with the central theme Our Environment Connected.


Register now at this link. Simultaneous translation Portuguese / English will be available. The event is organized by the Brazilian Leather project, an initiative of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). Gold Sponsors: JBS Couros, NBN, and Smit & Zoon. Silver Sponsors: ATC/SA, Euro-América, Sincurt-MT, Units Brasil, and Buckman.


Read below the testimonial of Cristian Conrado Lucae, commercial director of Units Brasil of the Cromogenia Group, about the CSCB Sustainability Forum:


"For decades, we have been working with our team to develop more sustainable processes and products. Today, we are at the forefront, being able to calculate the amount of biomass in our formulations (Gamma ST) for a range of products, in addition to using alternative and low-environmental-impact tanning processes to chrome tanning. Cromogenia has been dedicating R&D efforts to improve processes and products so that they meet high-quality standards, adapt to current customer needs, and follow current eco-efficiency guidelines.


Sustainability is highly relevant to the leather industry. Everyone involved in this segment, whether a supplier of chemical inputs, a leather processor, or a producer of leather artifacts, must adapt to the best and most efficient production processes in the short term so that together we can change the negative labels that were placed on our sector in the past. Thus, we will be able to gain the market share that was lost in the past to alternative materials to leather.


Our expectation for the CSCB Sustainability Forum and other similar events is that more and more innovations will be shared concerning the development of articles, chemical inputs, and processes that respect the environment. We want the work that is being developed to be taken to the final consumer, showing our concern to adapt to this social responsibility as much as possible."