NBN Tecnologia has efficiency as the hallmark of its work


After years of history and a trajectory marked by efficiency, NBN Tecnologia reaches its thirty-fifth year of work being widely recognized in the leather sector, developing and implementing solutions in tanning process automation, chemicals and water dosing and leather area measuring systems.

In 2021, NBN is a Gold sponsor of the CSCB Sustainability Forum, an event that reflects the company’s values and purpose. It will take place on December 8 and 9 and be 100% online, with the central theme Our Environment Connected. Register now at this link. 

The 2021 CSCB Sustainability Forum is organized by the Brazilian Leather project, an initiative of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). Gold Sponsors: JBS Couros, NBN, and Smit & Zoon. Silver Sponsors: ATC/SA, Euro-América, Sincurt-MT, Units Brasil, and Buckman.

Read below the testimonial of André Luiz Tessele Nodari, CEO of NBN Tecnologia, about the CSCB Sustainability Forum:

"Sustainability is a matter of survival, not only for the leather industry but for our civilization. Several cultures have disappeared because they were not sustainable. At the limit, we face even this risk.

Internally, we do our part following the best practices to be as efficient as possible. Efficiency is the key to sustainability, as it reduces energy and water consumption, as well as waste generation. For our customers, we provide products and services that increase their efficiency.

Our company was motivated to sponsor the CSCB Sustainability Forum by the notion of collaborating on this topic within the leather industry – which I see as essential for the future of the sector – and to do our part in the worldwide effort. We know the forum, we participated in previous editions, and we hope that this will be an edition with great ideas and examples for the industry."