Curtume A.P. Müller is celebrating 95 years of history in 2021


Soon, Curtume A.P. Müller will celebrate 95 years of history. Associated with the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industriy (CICB), the tannery has a trajectory marked by dedication to work and innovation, which makes the Brazilian tanning industry very proud. The company produces vegetable leather (finished and semi-finished) and allocates 100% of its sales, especially artifacts, to the foreign market, focusing on Asia and the United States. In the year when it turns 95, Curtume A.P. Müller innovates once again with a new project of business with small leather, Baby Calf, and imported small hides for special products 

In an interview to the CICB, the company's director, Cezar Müller, talked about the history and values that marked A.P. Müller in its almost centennial journey:

“The company A.P. Müller was founded on September 3, 1926 by Arthur Pedro Müller, in the city of Portão (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), at the same address where it is today. Until 1952, it was a proprietorship. After the entry of the second generation, Paulo Müller and Ruby Edgar Stumpf, the company changed its name to Curtume Arthur P. Müller & Cia Ltda.

In 1979, the third generation joined the business, Lizete and Cezar Müller and Suzana and Renato Stumpf. In 1985, it became a corporation, changing its name to A.P. Müller S/A. In 1994, in a consensual decision, the families decided that the  Müller family would keep A.P. Müller S/A, and the Stumpf family would keep the company Brasinha, which also belonged to the family.

On December 23, 2018, at the age of 85, Paulo Müller, our father and CEO of the company, who dedicated his life to A.P. Müller for more than 60 years, left us. With his parting, he also left a great legacy not only from his journey within the sector and the company but mainly as an example of human being and entrepreneurial professional to be followed. Nowadays, Curtume A.P. Müller Ltda and Boa Vista Negócios Imobiliários are managed by Cezar Müller and Lizete Müller.


Our company, throughout its 95 years, has always excelled for quality and added value. Our focus was the path of specialization and satisfaction of our customers. Thus, while being engaged in the community, in the relationships with people, and results, we have reached the sustainability of the company over the years. We believe in the technological differential and in the possibility of innovating and, mainly, creating new business alternatives.


We need to believe in our own solutions and work effortfully with a committed team and in relentless pursuit of added value. We need to change and follow new paths. The future will always require greater creativity and innovation.”, Cézar Muller


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