Courovale: customer service as a fundamental value in trade relations


Customer service is one of the strongest values of Courovale (CICB’s associated tannery). The company has a deep knowledge about the leather business, with fashion business solutions in leather and a great experience worldwide.

Courovale posts content on this topic (and others related to collections and trends) on its Instagram profile and also on its website. The following article was written by the company’s staff and provides us with great insights into the vision of customer service and how this recognized organization operates:

“The current market continues to give preference and appreciation for companies that produce products of unquestionable quality, present ethical values, have sustainability policies, good representation and dialogue with their public.

Despite being vital, these characteristics and qualities are permanently consumer-proof, and a single noise can shake these structures so tightly bound. And, in general, this noise is invariably linked to service.

There are many cases in which a large company has challenges with its client, due to unsuccessful service, often because the dialogue is only ‘one way’ and little interested. If the buyer understands that the relationship with the supplier is being established only in a hurry or in need to sell, the product may even meet his needs, but the supplier doesn’t.

We live in an Era of enchantment, loyalty and follow-up when it comes to sales. The consumer no longer wants to just buy good products: he wants a complete commercial experience. Customer wants to participate in engagement and formalize relations with brands and supliers. And in this context, Courovale presents itself as a company that is concerned with all stages of customer service. Before, during and especially after.

We understand that the sales cycle doesn’t end completely, on the contrary: it is renewed. It is of great importance that the consumer has a perception of partnership by Courovale. And this is how we position ourselves, as a supplier that wants to be present in major projects of our customers. We are immensely proud to be part of their success.

We have a customer service team connected to this concept and with these values. If there is any problem or defect in any of our products, we immediately make ourselves available, as we understand that our customer also deals with other audiences. We have an open and strong after sales dialogue.

We want customers to look for us in a comfortable and natural way, as they understand that we deliver what they want and need.” 

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