Check how the Brazilian Leather Webinar Series on furniture and leather went


The most recent edition of the Brazilian Leather Webinar Series - Furniture and Sustainability, on Thursday (15th), brought good prospects for the furniture and leather segment. At the event, the Italian company Natuzzi announced a new marketing approach, launching a specific line for the younger audience. “We want leather to play a big role with this audience. We thought about this project focusing on leather, the supply chain, communication,” said Cosimo Bardi, global wholesale channel director at Natuzzi.

With a fluid conversation, the panelists yielded important insights to everyone who works with leather, furniture, fashion, and retail.

The next edition of the webinar will be broadcast for free online on November 6th and will address themes related to the automotive industry. More information coming soon. The Brazilian Leather Webinar Series is held by the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB), with the support of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), an environmental conservation organization.

Here are some excerpts from Thursday's webinar.

Cosimo Bardi, Natuzzi:

We respect the pandemic moment a lot, it is a serious problem. On the other hand, as a company, we are robust, with over 60 years of experience. We are committed and dreamers and that is how we have been approaching this difficult period. We will end this year with unbelievable numbers, and it will be because of the three months after the beginning of the confinement, June, July, and August, as well as September. In these months, our numbers were unbelievable. Now, consumers have a slightly different approach, they are not spending on travels and other activities. Above all, they are discovering that we spend a lot of time at home and coming to the conclusion that we deserve quality furniture, we deserve comfort. Next year will be challenging, but we are planning for growth.

Andrea Cafiero, Natuzzi:

Many people think about the consumption habits of millennials. This audience often enters our stores without buying. We know that their purchase expectations are related to sustainability. We need to think about how to use leather in innovative ways, satisfying people's desires and needs. Leather remains a unique sensory experience. Premium consumers want products that bring that kind of satisfaction.

Rodrigo Brenner, Furf Design Studio:

We cannot deal with sustainability and fight the evil army, which is pollution, garbage, and other bad things, being shy. The industry is an incredible ally for us to do good on a large scale. When we produce sustainable materials, durable products that people will not discard, we are helping to create a better world. Leather is a precious material, so when we treat it with respect, we end up treating the world with respect, we treat the world with more design, the world with more meaning.

Mateus Enzweiler, Grupo Minuano:

We strongly believe in the concept of sustainability, in its broad concept. It is not only about environmental issues but also about social and economic ones. It must be good for the whole society. And in difficult times like this, in a pandemic, we need to look around and help in any way possible.