See the highlights of the 2020 CSCB Sustainability Forum

The economic value combined with the generation of value for society and the environment was one of the premises of the 2020 CSCB Sustainability Forum. There were two days of lectures on the Connection of Brands and People. The trends and new realities for the work, shared value, business, and social good were also addressed, with a keen eye on the leather chain.

Videos available here for the first day and here for the second day (audio in English)
Here are some highlights from the two days of the event:

“Conscious businesses must have a greater purpose, treat all stakeholders equally, create culture and values that guarantee their perpetuity, and have a conscious leader who takes care of people and our planet. [..] The company’s purpose must answer two very simple questions: what is the pain of society? and what does our business propose to cure? When aligned with our strategic vision, which is how we make money, it will generate an extremely positive social impact that will answer the question: what difference do we make in the world?” – Hugo Bethlem, Conscious Capitalism Institute Brazil.

“How much does a product cost? Historically this question has always been answered in a very pragmatic way, in the old capitalism, which reduced it to economic values, to price. As humanity, people have increasingly faced a question like this differently. The conscious consumer seeks to understand the other costs the product brings, such as social and environmental. We have grown a lot as humanity, and we have always guided this growth on the pillars of sustainability. The challenge, of course, is much greater. There is the technical feasibility, the consistency to make things happen, but through the three pillars of sustainability, it is possible to be guided into solving historical problems .” – Kim Sena, JBS Couros.


“We use surveys to see how our employees perceive our work environment, our leaders, and how we can improve. We have been doing this for over 17 years. [...] With the surveys, we want to understand how people feel here. For everyone to perform well and deliver results, they need a good working environment. In the old days, it was said that people left problems outside, and inside the company they would focus just on the work. That does not exist. We need to understand the employee as a human being and not just a number. That is why we focus on people.” – Renata Brill Thum, STIHL.

“The new normal is allowing us to see a new platform, the virtual one. I have observed internally at Smit & Zoon more interaction between people and a much richer and instantaneous exchange of information. [...] So, we have to take the opportunity to expand our dialogue among all sectors and all people, from all over the world, to come into balance with the environment, transforming our future and allowing future generations to enjoy this beautiful world. Smit & Zoon wants to make the leather value chain more sustainable and we will need the participation of conscious market leaders in this journey.” – Cristofer Burkhard, Smit & Zoon.
“Change is here and not in a negative sense. The changes we are seeing in the world will be much more than a trend, they will be a basis for rebirth. These have to do with materials, which are the main component of the objects that are with us daily and that represent life choices. We are in a state of change and we are ready to accept what is global and local. We are discovering local roots which belong to us. All of this comes with a slowdown, which has solidarity as the word of the future. Now, it is as if we had a blank page ready for a fresh start. Slowing down will allow us to grow and create alternative routes; it is the luxury of the future.” – Antonella Bertagnin, Lineapelle.


“In the past, there was a tendency for people to leave rural areas and migrate to cities. This trend was reversed. With the new Coronavirus, there is a return to the more remote areas, so that the real estate market has grown impressively, and this affects our sector. Home financing has become more affordable, people want more space. As a result, we have increased sales of sofas, armchairs, and other furniture for home, in addition to vehicles. In 2021, we should have a strong market in this segment and then there will be an adjustment, always towards online and e-commerce.” – David Peters, DLP Advisors.
The 2020 CSCB Sustainability Forum was fully online, live, and for free. Organization: Brazilian Leather Project, an initiative of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) to promote national leather in the foreign market. Gold Sponsors: JBS Couros and Smit & Zoon. Silver Sponsors: Euro-America and Units Brasil.