Renato Pereira: fouding partner of Escudero & Co


A day in the life of Renato Pereira, founding partner of Escudero & Co

6:30 – I wake up and have breakfast.

8:30 – I get to work, having walked there.  I check my emails and my day’s schedule.

10:00 – Team meeting – our management and creation team is made up of 5 people.  We do the previous day’s sales balance and see what demands we have. 

11:00 - Focus on debits and credits: I look at the payments that we’re making and what we need to do.

1:30 – I always have lunch on the street in nearby restaurants. When the day is really busy, I'll call and have them deliver and eat here in the office. Everybody knows everybody else here on the street. We’re all friends.

3:00 – Time to think about digital marketing. I analyze sales associated with Facebook ads, trace new campaign strategies, and look at newsletters. Everything is aligned with the schedule of our stocks and product launches.

5:00 – For our digital campaigns, we need photos and it's all done 100% right here in the office. I believe that when you are physically near your work, efficiency is elevated. We have an average of one new product every two weeks. I have experience with light and photos because I was a model for 12 years and my father loved photography, so I grew up in that environment. Clara, my partner, is the art director and also the one who treats and finishes the photos.

6:30 PM – Last meeting of the day. This is the time to check what went right - and again how sales are. We are very focused on sales.

8:00 - End of my workday.

Local, authentic, and durable

Handbags and accessories made exclusively in Brazilian leather. A team of 5 people that dominates the world. And a concept store on Oscar Freire, one of the most fashionable luxury store streets in Latin America.

Escudero & Co is one of those fashion brands that sounds small, but acts big. It was born in 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, but has a very close relationship with São Paulo - so much so that SP was chosen as the location of their first physical store. "Our focus has always been online. But we felt the need to have a home, a place where our customers could see our decoration, our products.. in short, see Escudero", says the partner and founder Renato Pereira.

Created alongside Clara Tarran, the brand has sustainable concern built into its DNA on three levels: economic, social and environmental. It develops products with 100% Brazilian labor and raw materials, and sees the durability of its pieces as a way to reconcile this pillar with their production.

With an average of 250 products sold monthly- 75% of which come from the state of São Paulo – Escudero has begun its expansion very calmly. For Renato, there is only one secret: operational management. "We do everything here. At the front of the building we have the shop and in the back are the offices. Our operation is super lean compared to other brands. We have a staff that is smaller than average - five people. But we know how to manage, " he says.

What is operational management?

We do our own social networking content, so it is infinite. If we need it done, we stope everything and do it. All the sketches of the pieces are ours. In addition, we use only two leathers - we are not developing new leathers and colors. That to me is operational efficiency.

All Escudero's pieces are made in partner factories in São Paulo. How important is local production to you?

There are several factors that people sometimes do not see in the consumer chain. When someone buys from Escudero, he or she is hiring a saleswoman, a craftsman, an employee of a factory. And this is really cool because you create a system that generates capital here, in the city, state and country. It improves people's quality of life and increases our contribution.


Rua Oscar Freire 2304, Pinheiros, São Paulo