Leather from Brazil: an intense agenda at APLF Leather & Materials+ in Hong Kong


The world’s biggest leather event is about to occur. APLF Leather & Materials + will be going on in Hong Kong from March 14-16, where 38 Brazilian business groups will be showing their hides with the support of the Brazilian Leather Project - an initiative of Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) to encourage leather exports.  

In terms of business, this year's APLF expects to generate US$300 million for Brazil over the next 12 months, confirming the indisputable relevance of Asia as a priority market for Brazilian leather in the international scenario (in 2017, China and Hong Kong were the destination for 32.2% of all Brazilian hide exports). In order to support the achievement of these results Brazilian Leather prepared a series of actions for APLF, such as a preparatory meeting with all the participating companies, the project’s own booth (with the Leather Preview exhibition), and printed materials with exhibitor contact info and media inserts. 

According to CICB's CEO José Fernando Bello’s evaluation, Hong Kong is a unique showcase in the leather sector so its potential for image exposure and generation of public of interest for Brazilian tanneries should be taken advantage of. Presenting Brazil as a supplier of leathers with high added value and whose production is aligned with the precepts of sustainability is one of the great goals of the Brazilian Leather project at APLF.


Tanneries participating in APLF Leather & Materials+ 2018 and their respective locations:


A. Bühler Curtume 1B-D03

Agro Latina 1B-B32

America Leather 1B-C11

Best Brasil 1B-C10

BSI Solutions 1B-C38

CBR Group – Couros Bom Retiro 1B-C19

CMC Leather 1B-C29

Coming Ind. Com. De Couros 1B-C04

Cortume Krumenauer 1B-C21

Couro & Arte 1B-B28

Couro do Norte 1B-C34

Courovale by BCM 1B-C31

Curtidora Ribeirãozinho 1B-B26

Curtume A.P. Müller 1B-D09

Curtume Bannach 1B-C32

Curtume Cacique 1B-C27

Curtume Della Torre 1B-C08

Curtume Ideal 1B-B18

Curtume Nimo 1B-C42

Curtume Santo Antônio 1B-C28

Durlicouros Indústria e Comércio de Couros 1B-C02

Euro-America International Freight Forwarders 1B-B42

Forma Brasil 1B-D05

Fuga Couros 1B-C12

Gobba Leather 1B-C11

H.Y. Leatherex 1B-C07

Induspan Ind. e Com. de Couros Pantanal 1B-B14

Indústria de Peles Minuano 1B-C22

Indústria de Peles Pampa 1B-B22

JBS Couros 1B-E12

Kromática 1B-B12

Liderkoll 1B-C26

Luiz Fuga Indústria de Couros 1B-D01¬¬

Minerva Leather 1B-B34

Online Leather 1B-C36

Pacific Leather Imp. Exp. 1B-C20

Soubach Special Leathers 1B-C09

Union Leather Imp. Exp. 1B-C08

Institutional: BRAZILIAN LEATHER 1B-A34