Hong Kong Fair will host leather from Brazil with the Brazilian Leather project


Brazil will soon be one of the protagonists at the world's principle leather trade fair, APLF Leather and Materials+ in Hong Kong from March 13-15th. The exclusive space for Brazilian companies - one of the event's biggest - will feature 36 stands showing off the potential and quality of Brazilian leathers with the support of the Brazilian Leather project, an initiative of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) for promoting leather sales in foreign markets.


APLF Leather and Materials+ is traditionally an important platform both for conducting  business and hosting other parallel events such as seminars, institutional meetings, and celebrations (see agenda below) as it brings together all the major players in the leather segment. Regarding sales, CICB executive president José Fernando Bello points out that this year's fair will be an even more relevant opportunity to observe the pace of negotiations and possible restrengthening of the sector in 2019 and 2020.

The Brazilian Leather project will give full support to participating tanneries from set up to business promotion, also participating in the agenda of meetings and roundtables and on display at its exclusive stand at APLF. There the Preview Leather expo (first launched at Inspiramais in São Paulo) will be exhibited, showing of the work of Brazilian tanneries- many of which are not present in Hong Kong- which can multiply business opportunitites. This edition of Preview has a tone of the appreciation of leather's natural aspects - the perfect line to draw the attention of the public that will be passing through the world's central leather event.


Take a look at Brazilian Leather's agenda at APLF Leather and Materials +, March 13th-15th in Hong Kong:

Brazilian Leather Stand - 1B-A34

Leather Preview

Support and assistance to Brazilian tanneries during the commercial display

Promoting the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB)


All the Brazilian companies participating in the APLF with the support of Brazilian Leather:

A. Bühler Curtume 1B-D03

AMCM Indústria E Comércio 1B-C34

Agro Latina 1B-B32

America Leather 1B-C11

BSI Solutions 1B-C34

CBR Group - Couros Bom Retiro 1B-C19

CICB - Brazilian Leather 1B-A34

Classic - 1B-B18

CMC Leather 1B-C29

Coming Ind. Com. de Couros - 1B-C04

Cortume Krumenauer 1B-C21

Couro & Arte 1B-B26

Courovale by BCM 1B-C31

Curtume A.P.Muller 1B-C08

Curtume Bannach 1B-C32

Curtume Cacique 1B-C27

Curtume Nimo 1B-D05

Curtume Sulino 1B-C28

Durlicouros Indústria e Comércio de Couros 1B-C02

Euro-América International Freight Forwarders 1B-B14

Forma Brasil 1B-C06

Fuga Couros 1B-C12

Gobba Leather 1B-C11

Indústria de Peles Minuano 1B-C22

Indústria de Peles Pampa 1B-B22

JBS Couros 1B-E12

Kromática 1B-B12

Lenemur - 1B-B18

Liderkoll 1B-C26

Luiz Fuga Indústria de Couros 1B-D01

Minerva Leather 1B-B34

Nova Kaeru Ind. e Com. de Couros Ltda 1B-B16

Pacific Leather Imp. Exp. 1B-C20

Soubach Special Leathers 1B-C09

Union Leather Imp. Exp. 1B-B18 1B-B18

Wellour - 1B-B18