Brazilian tanneries developments at Inspiramais



Twenty three tanneries attended the 8th edition of the Inspiramais Design and Components Innovation Exhibition, held recently in Sao Paulo with the support of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB). Each company presented to visitors a differentiated collection, with distinct creations and inspirations, showing the unparallelled quality and creativity of the Brazilian leather.

The event presents surprising developments in bovine and special leathers showing innovative collections and assuring the quality standards and unique excellence of the Brazilian leather.

Get to know the tanneries main developments for the winter 2014.

Nova Kaeru: the diversity set the tone of the winter 2014 collection. The company, a specialist in special hides, brought to the show the exclusivity of the Amazonian fish Pirarucu in natural colours, earthy hints, natural tone with gold and geometric compositions in warm colours.

Aguapé Peixe e Rã: using a fixed palette of colours with 37 tones and three types of finishing, the tannery presented at Inspiramais a differentiated collection: special hides sewn with apparent sewing and embroidery details, in asymmetric length and wrinkled effect, among others.

Couros Blauth: aged-looking textures, metallised colours and ludic motifs were presented for the winter 2014. The company developed butterflies, leaves and flowers prints in addition to compositions related to the Brazilian World Cup due next year.

Mundo da Camurça: the sky, stars and the dark night blue inspired the company’s creative process. Suedes, nappas and tanned/vegetalised leather were demonstrated in metallised, glitter and varnished effects.

A Bühler: the classic black and white tendency, allied to the bright and varnished effects were highlighted at A. Buhler’s work for the next year cold season. Hides with brightness contrast and matte shades in coral, blue ink and earthy tone colour were among the main trends.

Wellour Couros: with the development of approximately three to four collections per year, Wellour showed at Inspiramais works in warm colours, earthy tones and variations of gold and metallised aged-looking effects.

Fuga Couros: a collection synced with the Brazilian economic scenario was the company’s point of reference for the winter 2014. Projecting a moderate consumption for the coming year, Fuga Couros developed hides in basic colours.

Aplic Colour: the company brought to life the classic trend of fur leather with animal prints. Metallised hides with geometric shapes were shown at the trade show.

Couros Nobres: black and white, nude, floral and checkered patterns were the main highlights for the latest collection. Hides were developed in geometric patterns, with arabesques and crocco textures.

Schmechel Peles Exóticas: Intense tones of glitter, in addition to basic tones of aged-looking gold, matte metallised were among Schmechel Exotic Skins trends. Producing frog leather, reticulum, among others, the company was inspired by the moonlight to develop its collection.

Leather Tec Couros: following the romanticism and pastel shades, the company showed at Inspiramais hides in floral prints, handmade crocco and craft works destined to the footwear, handbags and clothing markets.

Couroquímica: tanned/vegetalised, suedes and nubuck gained earthy tones, olive green and natural colours. Softness, comfort and velvety texture were the main worked points of the collection.

Courovale: in the hotspot of the work presented were animal print, chess and metallised hides. Glitter, flocked effect and serigraph were part of the company’s development.

Curtume Natur: lace, embroidery, plaits, crocco and wet varnish effect were some of the highlights of the Curtume Natur in their most recent collection. Besides its new developments, the tannery also worked with traditional hides, such as the brushed leather.

Curtume Rusan: Inspired by the sky, the stars and the moon, Curtume Rusan showed at Inspiramais leather in rings and Scottish check prints, zig zag patterns, geometric motifs and prints in metallised effect.

Representações Francaro: the tannery hides were developed from their own inspirations and co-related to the tendency concept book in addition to further research in the international market. The company displayed a collection with intense colours for the winter 2014.

Rhoma: producing hides for the clothing market, Rhoma led to Inspiramais hides inspired by the moonlight, resulting in dark shades and metallised effects with brightness.

Tre Anytry: the hides special by Tre Anytry - as python, cayman and ostrich - were shown in Inspiramais with its differentials in handmade paintings and creative development. Fluor tones, with brightness and satin were highlighted in the collection.

OCM Couros: during Inspiramais guests had the opportunity to check at OCM stand, hides with wild cat prints, various developments in animal print and zig zag patterns.

Péltica: the company’s special leathers, such as the Pirarucu, rabbits and ostrichs - were shown in exclusive developments for the winter 2014. One of the highlights of the tannery during the event was the Brazilian flag composed with the skin of the Amazonian fish.

FAF Couros: the company brought to Inspiramais a collection in earthy tones, metallised and with brightness effect.

Arte da Pele: The special hides of Arte da Pele - such as cayman and piton - gained prominence with embroidery effects, metallised tones, a reinterpretation in textile of the medieval armours and nuances resembling mother of pearl. Glitter and gold effects were also part of the company’s creations for the winter 2014.

Chillacenter: working exclusively with chinchilla skin developments, the company has taken to the show special pieces of their work to widen their participation in the national market. Chillacenter exports to countries such as Canada, Japan and China.