Adô by Adô


Born in Minas Gerais, Adô Atelier saw the internet as a channel for finding its market.   Dedicated to bags and accessories, the brand focuses on design, exclusivity, and their principle raw material- all of the pieces are made of leather.

Eight years later, owners Fernanda Dubal and Tatiana Azzi celebrate over 300 retail clients in Brazil.

They tell their own success story.


Social media

Adô, since the beginning, has always been concerned with customer service via social media.  We believe that we consolidate in the market with the internet.


Design matters

We have firmly established ourselves with our model, and perhaps the traditions that most make us Mineiras (people from the state of Minas) are our precise nature, the care with which we work, and our warm relationships with our clients. 

Our products are geared towards design and functionality.  We don’t follow trends, and choose to further differentiate ourselves with a color palette of up to 12 different colors.



We chose to work with leather because of its durability and quality.  We believe that products should last a long time, avoiding waste and excessive consumption.  Clients that buy Adô seek us out specifically for that reason, knowing that they’re investing and a quality, and highly durable product.

Being small means being exclusive

We use Brazilian leather and have a small production line.  That’s how we’re able to dedicate more attention to each piece, that, once sewn, are re-checked one by one.  That keeps our customer satisfaction level quite high.

It’s a battle.  We take things one at a time, but get great feedback from our clients.  That’s what keeps us going.