The Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) celebrates 60 years in 2017. We've reached six decades as a strong, cohesive, and firm entity in leather sector defense. We believe in the industry as a source of growth for the country – and seek technical and intelligence improvements in the sector as a way to meet this objective.

But we also have a long, beautiful story of progress that's worth remembering and valuing – without which we wouldn't be where we are. That's why today we're starting a series of activities to celebrate CICB's 60th anniversary, showing our past accomplishments, the people who made them happen, the social context lived by our sector at each stage, and what we're shooting for in the future.


The first in this series of celebrations is the release of this commemorative seal for our 60th year. It will mark all CICB communications until the end of the year. New activities will be presented soon that will allude to this special date and recount our trajectory: united, just and combative.

Your participation and prestige for all of 2017 will be fundamental to make the 60th anniversary celebrations complete. Welcome!

José Fernando Bello

Executive President at CICB